Mr. Siegel describes his 1L experiences at Columbia Law School, and why this program is vital.


You know that it's critically important to achieve the highest possible grades on your 1L finals. Brian Siegel, author of the 10-book "Siegel's Answers to Essay and Multi-Choice Questions" series, methodically demonstrates how to analyze ("issue-spot"), organize and write (sentence-by-sentence) superior answers to your 1L "hypothetical" exams. These crucial insights should greatly enhance your (1)1L grades, (2) summer clerkship possibilities, and (3) opportunities for post-graduate employment.


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What Is Law School Test Prep

Why some 1L students achieve higher grades than others isn't hard work or knowledge of substantive law. The key determinant is one's grasp of the unique mode of law school testing-the "hypothetical" exam. The typical law school "hypothetical" is a novel, page-long, fact pattern; after which you're asked to "Discuss the rights of the various parties." On this type of exam, you can't simply regurgitate pre-memorized information.

LAWSCHOOLTESTPREP.COM is an Internet based writing program that's dedicated to maximizing your 1L essay grades. Via a carefully designed video presentation, Mr. Siegel employs a precise, step-by-step approach which clearly demonstrates how to consistently write "A" answers. No prior review is necessary; the applicable legal principles are provided.

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What do I get/
How much does it cost?

Mr. Siegel shows you how to issue-spot and write five essays in each of your 1L courses (Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Civil Procedure). Reviewing old exams is an essential component of your preparation for finals. The detailed analysis of each exam takes about 45 minutes. Different approaches are suggested depending for each subject.

The price per course is $75.00 (the equivalent of $15 per exam review!). If you enroll in the entire program (Intro Part II and the five 1L subjects) at one time, the overall cost is $300 (a $100 savings!). Given the high cost of a legal education and the importance of 1L grades, LAWSCHOOLTESTPREP.COM represents a very modest, wise investment.

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Who is the instructor?

Your instructor is Brian Siegel, an undisputed expert on writing superior answers to the law school hypothetical. His 10-book series, SIEGEL'S ANSWERS TO ESSAY AND MULTI-CHOICE QUESTIONS, distributed by Aspen Publishers, has been sold at law school bookstores nationwide for over 25 years.

Mr. Siegel is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he was designated a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar for academic excellence. As a Bar Review lecturer on essay writing for over 15 years, he has firsthand knowledge of the errors that law students typically make, and how to effectively correct them.

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